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Summer Time

Summertime is fantastic to enjoy the great outdoors, and our chance of encounters with snakes, funnel web spiders, blue-ringed octopus and cone shells do you know what to do?  

The AeroForm Premium Long Snake Bite Bandage with Indicators is a Premium Heavyweight Conforming Bandage perfect for use

with the Pressure Immobilisation Technique, which used for the treatment of all Australian Snake and Funnel Webbed Spider bites, Blue Ringed Octopus and Cone Shell sting.

Snake Bite Bandage Indicators

This bandage is of sufficient length to bandage a large adult leg.

10cm x 10.5M Stretched

The pressure immobilisation technique (PIT) was introduced for the treatment of Australian snake bites1 and is suitable for other elapid snake bites. It is also recommended for envenomation by several different animals. The PIT retards the flow of lymph by which venoms gain access to the circulation. It has also shown that there may be inactivation of certain toxins and venom components when the injected venom remains trapped in the tissues by the pressure

The AeroForm Snake Bite Bandage is also available in a shorter version for upper limbs and pediatric use.

Benefits of the Long Snake Bite Bandages with Indicators

  • More extensive and longer than most crepe or elastic bandages.
  • Longer than most Snake Bite Bandages on the Market, ensuring that the bandage is suitable for entire adult leg immobilisation.
  • Continuous indicators ensure you have the correct pressure over the entire limb.
  • Suitable for the treatment of all Australian Snake and Funnel Webbed Spider bites, Blue Ringed Octopus and Cone


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