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AeroSupplies Quick Release Tourniquets 10% GST

AeroSupplies Quick Release Tourniquets 10% GST

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AeroSupplies Quick Release Tourniquets
Affordable, these quality quick release tourniquets are suitable for use in a range of settings and situations.

tourniquet is a device used to apply pressure to a limb or extremity to limit – but not stop – the flow of blood. It may be used in emergencies, in surgery, or in post-operative rehabilitation. The phlebotomist (health worker trained in drawing venous blood). It also uses a tourniquet to assess and determine the location of a suitable vein for venipuncture. Proper application of a tourniquet will partially impede venous blood flow back toward the heart and cause the blood to temporarily pool in the vein so the vein is more prominent and the blood is more easily obtained. The tourniquet is applied three to four inches above the needle insertion point and should remain in place no longer than one minute to prevent hemoconcentration.

Silicone ring tourniquets, or elastic ring tourniquets, are self-contained mechanical devices that do not require any electricity, wires or tubes. The tourniquet comes in a variety of sizes. To determine the correct product size, the patient's limb circumference at the desired occlusion location should be measured, as well as their blood pressure to determine the best model. Once the correct model is selected, two sterile medical personnel will typically be needed to apply the device. Unlike with the pneumatic tourniquet. the silicone ring tourniquet should be applied after the drapes have been placed on the patient. This is due to the device being completely sterile. The majority of the devices require a two-person operation (except for the extra-large model):


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