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100 Disposable Sheet 10% GST

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100 Disposable Sheet 10% GST
Casualty room consumables such as our pillow case and disposable sheet provide comfort and cleanliness to the casualty room when replaced after use.
Nonwoven rolls are made from soft, yet durable nonwoven material, provides comfort and protection during aroma therapy, beauty treatment, body massage or waxing sessions
100 Disposable Sheet Non-woven bed rolls are made of superior breathable spunbonded, durable bed protector and provide a cloth like feel for optimum client comfort
Typically, a certain percentage of recycled fabrics and oil-based materials are used in nonwoven fabrics. The percentage of recycled fabrics varies based upon the strength of material needed for the specific use. In addition, some nonwoven fabrics can be recycled after use, given the proper treatment and facilities. For this reason, some consider non-woven a more ecological fabric for certain applications, especially in fields and industries where disposable or single use products are important, such as hospitals, schools, nursing homes

Nonwoven fabrics are broadly defined as sheet or web structures bonded together by entangling fibre or filaments (and by perforating films) mechanically, thermally or chemically. They are flat or tufted porous sheets that are made directly from separate fibres, molten plastic or plastic film. They are not made by weaving or knitting and do not require converting the fibres to yarn. 


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