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AeroAid Antiseptic Spray Box - 48 10% GST

AeroAid Antiseptic Spray Box - 48 10% GST

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AeroAid Antiseptic Spray Box - 48 10% GST multipurpose antiseptic for cuts, abrasions, insect bites, stings, itches, minor burns and sunburn.
  • 2-way action
  • Available in tubes, sachets and sprays
Aero offers a range of quality antiseptic products to meet almost every wound cleansing requirement. The AEROAID Antiseptic formulation is specifically engineered for two way action: soothing and antiseptic, with the natural healing combinations of tea tree oil and aloe vera.
2-way Action
  • Soothing – soothes the affected area
  • Antiseptic – kills germs
Available in tubes and sachets
  • The right quantity and method of application for every situation.

  • Antiseptics can be subdivided into about eight classes of materials. These classes can be subdivided according to their mechanism of action: small molecules that indiscriminately react with organic compounds and kill microorganisms (peroxides, iodine, phenols) and more complex molecules that disrupt the cell walls of the bacteria.


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