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AeroForm Tubular Bandages (optional Applicator) Size E x 10 M 10% GST

AeroForm Tubular Bandages (optional Applicator) Size E x 10 M 10% GST

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AeroForm Tubular Bandages (optional Applicator) Size E x 10 M 
AEROFORM Tubular Bandages are an elasticised support bandage suited to the treatment of sports injuries, dislocations and sprains

Self Supporting
  • AEROFORM Tubular Bandages are held in place without tying or tapes, resulting in a comfortable long-wearing bandage
Provides Even Support
  • The AEROFORM Tubular Bandages provides even support across damaged joints and muscles due to its elastic self supporting properties resulting in a comfortable support bandage.

An elastic bandage is a "stretchable bandage used to create localized pressure". Elastic bandages are commonly used to treat muscle sprains and strains by reducing the flow of blood to a particular area by the application of even stable pressure which can restrict swelling at the place of injury. Elastic bandages are also used to treat bone fractures. Padding is applied to the fractured limb, then a  splint (usually plaster) is applied. The elastic bandage is then applied to hold the splint in place and to protect it. This is a common technique for fractures which may swell, which would cause a cast to function improperly. These types of splints are usually removed after swelling has decreased and then a fibreglass or plaster cast can be applied.


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