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AeroGlove Latex Powder Free Gloves Large 1 pair 10% GST

AeroGlove Latex Powder Free Gloves Large 1 pair 10% GST

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AeroGlove Latex Powder Free Gloves Large 1 pair 
AeroGlove Latex Powder Free Gloves are a high-quality range of examination gloves available in a range of sizes and individual presentations for first-aid use.
Latex Powder-Free Gloves
  • Ambidextrous and anatomically shaped for comfort
  • Powder-free and textured for extra grip
  • Excellent flexibility and strength

Further information 
Due to the increasing rate of latex allergy among health professionals and in the general population, gloves made of non-latex materials such as nitrile  rubber or neoprene have become widely used. Chemical processes may be employed to reduce the amount of antigenic protein in Hevea latex, resulting in alternative natural-rubber-based materials such natural rubber latex  However, non-latex gloves have not yet replaced latex gloves in surgical procedures, as gloves made of alternative materials generally do not fully match the fine control or greater sensitivity to touch available with latex surgical gloves. (High-grade isoprene gloves are the only exception to this rule, as they have the same chemical structure as natural latex rubber. However, fully artificial polyisoprene—rather than "hypoallergenic" cleaned natural latex rubber is also the most expensive natural latex substitute available. Other high-grade non-latex gloves, such as nitrile gloves, can cost over twice the price of their latex counterparts, a fact that has often prevented switching to these alternative materials in cost-sensitive environments, such as many hospitals. Nitrile is more resistant to tearing than natural latex, and is more resistant to many chemicals. Sulfur compounds used as accelerants to cure nitrile can speed the tarnishing process in silver, so accelerant-free nitrile or other gloves must be used when handling objects made of these metals when this is not acceptable.


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