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AeroInstruments Plastic Forceps11cm Disposable
Assorted sizes and specifications have been selected for use in common first aid procedures.
Have you ever wondered whether single-use or reusable forceps would be better for you and your patients? This blog highlights the benefits and drawbacks to help you decide.
Infection Control
Unlike reusable forceps that require thorough cleaning, sterilising and disinfection, single-use forceps are only used once and then discarded. When it comes to choosing between these options, the most important factor to consider is the health and safety of your patient. Reusable medical instruments that have not been thoroughly cleaned create a risk of patient-to-patient cross-infection.


Proper cleaning procedures for reusable products can be time-consuming, creating a challenge for those in fast-paced theatres and clinics. Choosing single-use forceps will save time, coming pre-sterilised and ready to use then discard. Electrosurgical instruments also need testing for insulation failure as well as the standard disinfection, cleaning and sterilising processes.
Reusable forceps suffer from damaged or faulty insulation failure is often caused by excessive use of reusable products and constant sterilisation. Single-use forceps are a great solution to this problem. 


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