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AeroInstruments Stainless Steel Scissors Lister 18 cm 10% GST

AeroInstruments Stainless Steel Scissors Lister 18 cm 10% GST

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AeroInstruments Stainless Steel Scissors Lister 18 cm

The AeroInstrument range offers a wide range of surgical instruments manufactured from high-quality stainless steel components to suit first aid requirements.
Assorted sizes and specifications have been selected for use in common first aid procedures

Further information

Surgical instruments increasingly exposed to bodily fluids, tap water and cleansers. Bodily fluids such as blood or pus generally contain chloride ions, corrode the instruments. They are also washed under tap water to remove bodily fluids from them. The water may have a high concentration of minerals such as chlorine, sodium and magnesium. These can cause severe stains and corrosion if left to sit on the instruments. Hospitals generally use distilled water to eliminate the problem partly.

Lightweight surgical instruments are easier to handle, especially during long surgical procedures, dissections, or repetitive tasks. This means that titanium surgical tools are more suitable than their stainless steel counterparts.
When it comes to biomedical instruments, not all metals are up to the job, especially base metals. Most surgical instruments are made from metal alloys. Stainless steel has traditionally been the metal alloy of choice, but there are alternatives when necessary.


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