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AEROLEARN Plastic Training Chamber Spacer

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AEROLEARN Plastic Training Chamber Spacer

The Aero Training Chamber Spacer is a spacer used in first aid training to teach students how to administer Ventolin or another medication provided from a puffer in the case of an Asthma emergency.
This is only for use in training, not for use in live situations.

Further information and reading National Asthma Council Australia
A spacer is a holding chamber shaped like a football or tube. It makes it easier to take asthma or COPD medication from the type of puffer called an MDI (metered dose inhaler).

Spacers help the medication get straight to where it’s needed in your lungs, with less medication ending up in your mouth and throat where it can lead to irritation or mild infections. A spacer can also make it easier to coordinate breathing in and pressing your puffer.

Spacers should be used by:
  • all children – kids aged under 4–5 years will need a mask attached
  • all adults taking a corticosteroid preventer medication (e.g. FlixotideSymbicort) using an MDI/puffer
  • adults who have trouble coordinating the ‘press and breathe’ technique when using an MDI/puffer
  • anyone taking a reliever medication (e.g. Ventolin) during an asthma attack.


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