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AeroMask One Way Valve for CPR Masks 10% GST

AeroMask One Way Valve for CPR Masks 10% GST

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AeroMask One Way Valve for CPR Masks 

AEROSHIELD and AEROMASK provide a selection of protective and airway management products for pre-hospital treatment on injured patients, and to assist in the safe application of essential CPR.

Further information
A pocket mask is a small portable device used in the pre-hospital setting to provide adequate ventilation to a patient who is either in respiratory failure or cardiac arrest. The pocket mask is designed to be placed over the patient's face, thus creating a seal enclosing both the mouth and nose. air is then administered to the patient by an emergency responder. The emergency responder exhales through a one-way filter valve, providing adequate ventilation to the patient. The emergency responder can deliver up to 16% oxygen with their breath.
Modern pocket masks have either a built-in one-way valve or an attachable, disposable filter to protect the emergency responder from the patient's potentially infectious bodily substances, such as vomit or blood.
Earth's atmosphere consists of approximately 21% oxygen. Without being hooked up to an external line, exhaled air from the provider can still provide sufficient oxygen to live, up to 16%. Many masks also have a built-in oxygen intake tube, allowing 50-60% oxygen to be administered.


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