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AEROMASK Surgical Mask with Eye Shield x 25

AEROMASK Surgical Mask with Eye Shield x 25 10% GST

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AEROMASK Surgical Mask with Eye Shield x 25

AEROMASK provides a selection of protective and airway management products for pre-hospital treatment on injured patients, and to assist in the safe application of essential CPR.
Surgical Mask with Eyeshield
A quality surgical mask for protection against infection, also available with a clear eye shield for enhanced protection

Further information

surgical mask, also known by other names such as a medical face mask or procedure mask, serves as a mechanical barrier that interferes with direct airflow in and out of respiratory orifices (i.e. nose and mouth). This prevents a surgeon or anyone else from coughing, unintentionally spitting germs and other contaminants onto a patient. However, the material surgical masks are made of will filter. Some viruses and bacteria are out of the air breathed in or out. Surgical masks only provide partial protection from diseases transmitted via airborne transmission because of the typically loose fit between the mask edges and the wearer's face. Surgical masks are distinct from filtering respirators, such as those made to the American N95 standard. Respirators are designed to protect against airborne transmission. Surgical masks may be labelled as surgical, isolation, dental or medical procedure masks.


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