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AeroShield Key Ring CPR Face Shield 10% GST

AeroShield Key Ring CPR Face Shield 10% GST

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AeroShield Key Ring CPR Face Shield 

AEROSHIELD and AEROMASK provide a selection of protective and airway management products for pre-hospital treatment on injured patients, and to assist in the safe application of essential CPR.
Keyring CPR Face Shield
A disposable face shield packed in a sturdy pouch with keyring for convenient and safe CPR application

Whenever CPR is carried out, there is a chance of cross-infection – especially when giving rescue breaths. In ordinary circumstances, the risk of this happening is very small, but every precaution must be taken in the age of Covid-19. If you are required to perform CPR on an adult, it is recommended that you do not perform rescue breaths or mouth-to-mouth ventilation. As cardiac arrest is not due to lack of oxygen, compression-only CPR may be just as effective as combined ventilation and compression in the first few minutes of an attack.

If the worst should happen and you are required to perform CPR on a child, it is far more likely that chest impressions alone will not be effective. If mouth-to-mouth ventilation is required, you should monitor yourself for Covid-19 symptoms for the following 14 days. The Australian Resuscitation Council has provided detailed guidance on what to do if you are a first responder in these circumstances. 


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