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AeroSupplies Emergency Eye Wash Sign 10% GST

AeroSupplies Emergency Eye Wash Sign 10% GST

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AeroSupplies Emergency Eye Wash Sign  30 cm x 22.5 cm

The Aero Healthcare first aid signage range is comprised of clear and highly visual signs which indicate the location of first aid and/or safety equipment.

 These signs have been chosen to direct personnel to emergency and first aid related facilities.


3.2.  FIRST  AID  SIGNS Displaying well-recognised, standardised first aid signs will assist in easily locating first aid equipment and facilities. Further information on the design and use of signs is available in AS 1319 - 

Safety Signs for the Occupational Environment. Automated  external  defibrillators Providing an automated external defibrillator can reduce the risk of fatality from cardiac arrest and is a useful addition for workplaces where there is a risk of electrocution or where there are large numbers of members of the public.

 Automated external defibrillators are designed to be used by trained or untrained persons. They should be located in an area that is clearly  visible,  accessible  and  not  exposed to extreme temperatures. They should be clearly signed and maintained according to the manufacturer’s  specifications. 

Eye wash and shower equipment Eye wash and shower equipment may be permanently fixed or portable, depending on the workplace. Eye wash equipment should be provided where there is a risk of hazardous chemicals or infectious substances causing   eye  injuries. Immediate access should be provided to shower equipment in workplaces where there is a risk of: 

•  exposure to hazardous chemicals resulting in  skin  absorption  or  contamination  from infectious  substances •  serious burns to a large area of the face or body (including chemical or electrical burns or burns that are deep, in sensitive areas or greater than a 20 cent piece). Shower facilities can consist of: 3.3.  

OTHER FIRST   AID  EQUIPMENT In addition to first aid kits, you should consider whether any other first aid equipment is necessary to treat the injuries or illnesses that could occur as a result of a hazard at your workplace. 

•  an appropriate  deluge  facility 

•  a permanently rigged hand-held shower hose 

•  a portable plastic or rubber shower hose that is designed to be easily attached to a tap spout—for small, relatively low risk workplaces where a fixed deluge facility would not be reasonably practicable but the risk of serious burns is still foreseeable (for example, a fish and chip shop). 

Portable, self-contained eye wash or shower units have their own flushing fluid which needs to be refilled or replaced after use. Further guidance is available in AS 4775 –  Emergency eyewash  and  shower  equipment.


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