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AeroWash Sodium Chloride Eyewash Ampoules 15 ml Box 500 10% GST

AeroWash Sodium Chloride Eyewash Ampoules 15 ml Box 500 10% GST

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AeroWash Sodium Chloride Eyewash Ampoules 15 ml Box 500 

AEROWASH provides a safe and cleansing remedy for cleaning debris from wounds and eyes.
Strictly Sodium Chloride
  • AEROWASH is made up strictly of Sodium Chloride 0.9% sterile solution which is safe and cleansing for eyes and wounds.
Easy to Use
  • AEROWASH is available in twist-off ampoules or in a tear-off sachet, both of which are convenient and easy to use in an emergency.

Further information

How you should flush out your eye may depend upon what got inside. If a chemical liquid, such as a household cleaner, splashes into your vision, your first step should be to check the label for safety instructions. Usually, you will be instructed to flush out the eye with warm water.

If no label is available, flush the eye with water for about 15 minutes. Then seek medical help immediately. You can also contact a poison control hotline, such as Poison Information Hotline 131126, for more information, but do this after you have flushed out the eye.
If a particle of sand, dirt or other tiny substance can be seen hovering on your lower lid or eyelashes, you can try to remove it without flushing by using a clean, unused tissue. Make sure your hands are clean first and don’t attempt this if the particle is in the eye.

Here is a standard procedure for flushing out your, or someone else’s, eye:
First, make sure your hands are clean by washing them thoroughly with soap and warm water. Next, remove contact lenses if any are being worn.
Flush out the eye, or eyes, for up to 15 minutes with warm water, stopping every few minutes to see if the eye has been thoroughly flushed out. 


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