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AeroWipe 100 Alcohol Swabs 10% GST

AeroWipe 100 Alcohol Swabs 10% GST

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AeroWipe 100 Alcohol Swabs

AeroWipe Skin prep wipes contain 70% Isopropyl Alcohol which is an effective antibacterial formula for cleansing the skin prior to injection

  • Contains 70% isopropyl alcohol, which is quick-drying and highly effective at removing oils and impurities

  • Individually sealed foil sachets prevent leakage and maintain moisture

  • Single-use, non-woven swabs are more convenient and less messy than bottled isopropyl alcohol
  • Are ideal for first aid rooms
Ideal for Classrooms, First Aid Kits, First Aid Rooms

Further information 
Alcohol swabs are NOT intended for open cuts or scrapes.

Sure, you could use them for this purpose, but it will sting (and
also not recommended)! This is because the alcohol content is
too high ~ typically, they contain 70% Isopropyl alcohol.

While the packaging may say that it is an antiseptic, more
accurately, it is a disinfectant for the preparation of the skin before
an injection. It's not advisable to use a prep pad on an open
wound because it can cause tissue damage and inhibits
the healing process. The bottom line is that alcohol swabs may
sting, and deep cuts may do more harm than good!

Here's more about how to use alcohol prep pads properly...
Generally, Alcohol Prep Pads are used for skin cleansing, applied
topically before puncturing of the skin, not after.

How do you use alcohol swabs, then?

You might use them to clean the tweezers or a thermometer in
your first aid kit.


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