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AeroRescue Bag Valve Mask Resuscitator Adult 10% GST

AeroRescue Bag Valve Mask Resuscitator Adult 10% GST

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AeroRescue Bag Valve Mask Resuscitator Adult

AEROSHIELD, AEROMASK and AEROBREATHE provide a selection of protective and airway management products for pre-hospital treatment on injured patients, and to assist in the safe application of essential CPR.

A bag valve mask can be used without being attached to an oxygen tank to provide "room air" (21% oxygen) to the patient. However, manual resuscitator devices can also be connected to a separate bag reservoir filled with pure oxygen from a compressed oxygen source, thus increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to the patient to nearly 100%.
Bag valve masks come in different sizes to fit infants, children, and adults. The face mask size may be independent of the bag size; for example, a single pediatric-sized bag might be used with different masks for multiple face sizes, or a pediatric mask might be used with an adult bag for patients with small faces.
Most types of device are disposable and therefore single-use, while others are designed to be cleaned and reused.
Self-inflating bag is a hand-held device commonly. It is used to provide positive pressure ventilation to patients who are not breathing or not breathing adequately. The device is a required part of resuscitation kits for trained professionals in out-of-hospital settings (such as ambulance crews) and is also frequently used in hospitals as part of standard equipment found on a crash cart, in emergency rooms or other critical care settings.


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