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Basket Aviation Stretchers 10% GST

Basket Aviation Stretchers 10% GST

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Basket Aviation Stretchers

Basket Aviation Stretchers of lightweight and high strength aluminium stretchers. These are available in a range of sizes and fold in different ways for convenient storage.
Weight limit 205kg

Sturdy and flexible with quick reliable fittings and special sling equipment, the basket aviation stretcher is ideal for all types of aid in special situations such as lifting and transport by helicopter. Materials are fireproof and highly resistant to wear and corrosion.

Further information

A simple stretcher is a stretcher that is temporarily made from the local materials in the absence of a stretcher or a stretcher. It is generally used as a temporary stretcher made of two strong long poles with sturdy fabrics such as blankets and clothing to deal with casualties in emergency situations. 

The universal stretcher mainly refers to the standard stretcher with uniform specifications. It is generally guaranteed to be used interchangeably between military units and different service departments, with less emphasis on appearance and practicality. 

The special stretcher is designed and used for the special climate, terrain, injury characteristics of the wounded and sick, etc. It is not suitable for the transfer using the universal stretcher.


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