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Biohazard Clinical 10 Waste Bags 120L 10% GST

Biohazard Clinical 10 Waste Bags 120L 10% GST

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Biohazard Clinical 10 Waste Bags 120L  Aero offers a wide range of waste disposal containers designed to meet user demands for strength, simplicity and value. 

This range offers outstanding protection against penetrating sharps and leaking fluids due to its rigid polypropylene construction and wall thickness.

AeroHazard Bags are a highly visual and durable waste bag for biohazardous and clinical waste collection, available in a variety of sizes.

Further Information
Biomedical waste is a type of bio-waste.
Biomedical waste or hospital waste is any waste containing infectious (or potentially infectious) materials. It may also include waste associated with the generation of biomedical waste that visually appears to be of medical or laboratory origin (e.g. packaging, unused bandages, infusion kits etc.). As well as research laboratory waste containing biomolecules or organisms that are mainly restricted from environmental release. As detailed below, discarded sharps are considered biomedical waste, whether they are contaminated or not, due to the possibility of being infected with blood and their propensity to cause injury when not properly contained and disposed of appropriately.


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