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Digital Clinical Thermometer 10% GST
Digital Clinical Thermometer 10% GST

Digital Clinical Thermometer 10% GST

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Digital Clinical Thermometer is part of the AERODIAGNOSTIC range offers a selection of commonly used diagnostic supplies in the healthcare industry.
Thermometers are critical for measuring body temperature to diagnose and monitor fever or illness. Available in digital or glass thermometers

Oral temperature may only be taken from a patient capable of holding the thermometer securely under the tongue, which generally excludes small children or people who are unconscious or overcome by coughing, weakness, or vomiting. (This is less of a problem with fast-reacting digital thermometers but is undoubtedly an issue with mercury thermometers, which take several minutes to stabilise their reading.) If the patient has drunk a hot or cold liquid beforehand, time must be allowed for the mouth temperature to return to its normal value.
The typical range of a sub-lingual thermometer for use in humans is from about 35 °C to 42 °C 
The armpit (axilla) temperature is measured by holding the thermometer tightly under the armpit. One needs to hold the thermometer for several minutes to get an accurate measurement. The axillary temperature plus one °C is a good guide to the rectal temperature in patients older than one month. The accuracy from the axilla is known to be inferior to the rectal temperature.


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