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DROP Eyewash Refills 500 ml 10% GST

DROP Eyewash Refills 500 ml 10% GST

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DROP Eyewash Refills 500 ml

DROP Eyewash Refills 500 ml is a leader in innovation with a drop-down dust cover, integrated mirror, integrated eye cup and a secure safety seal. DROP eyewash refills are a popular solution for convenient eye and wound irrigation.

Strictly Sodium Chloride
  • DROP Eyewash is made up strictly of Sodium Chloride 0.9% sterile solution which is safe and cleansing for eyes and wounds
Wall mountable
  • This station allows an eyewash resource to be mounted so it is easily seen and available for emergency use.
  • This built-in mirror allows a victim to see debris in the eye and self administer first aid
Built-in eye bath
  • DROP Eyewash has a built-in eye bath in the top of the bottle for an all in one eye cleansing operation
Secure Twist top opening
  • DROP Eyewash refills have a secure twist-top opening that keeps the saline sterile and secure but makes it easily available when necessary.
  • Instructions for use are clearly indicated on the DROP Eyewash saline bottles
Clear Dust Cover
  • The clear lid on the DROP Eyewash Station keeps it free of dust and allows the contents to be clearly visible.

First Aid Tip
Have you ever gotten something stuck in your eye and didn't know what to do about it? 
This must-read list of first aid tips will prepare you to handle any eye injuries you may face in the future.
How to Remove Objects From the Eye
Whether it's a grain of sand or some other particle, here are suggestions on what to do — and what not to do — when an object gets in your eye:
  • Don't rub your eye to get the object out or make it feel better — you may end up scratching your cornea by moving around the foreign body.
  • Don't try to remove an object that is penetrating or embedded in the eye.
  • Use a dampened cotton swab to try to remove an object that is not embedded gently.
  • Allow your tears to flow; it may help get the object out.
  • Try using eyewash or rinsing your eyes with water to flush out the particle.
  • If you are not confident that you got the particle out, see an eye doctor.


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