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EpiPen Trainer

The EpiPen trainer is a training EpiPen that doesn’t contain any medication that can be used in first aid training to educate students as to how to treat an anaphylactic reaction.
This is not suitable for use in live situations.

It is important to practice with an EpiPen® training device so that you are prepared if an emergency occurs.

The EpiPen® training device does not contain adrenaline or have a needle.

Why are adrenaline injectors recommended in non-medical settings?

ASCIA recommends that adrenaline injectors are used to treat anaphylaxis in schools, children’s education/care (CEC) centres, and any other non-medical settings to avoid delay in adrenaline administration and ensure that the correct dose of adrenaline is given.

Whilst adrenaline ampoules, needles and syringes are suitable for use by trained health professionals in medical settings to treat anaphylaxis, they are unsuitable for use in non-medical settings such as schools, CEC centres, and workplaces.

It is not feasible for school and CEC educators to be trained in the use of ampoules, needles and syringes. This is a health professional (medical/nursing) skill that is beyond the parameters of first aid care.

Students and children may be prescribed EpiPen® or Anapen® devices, and schools and CEC services need to accept both devices. Therefore, staff in schools and CEC services should be trained on both device brands.

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