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Fire Blanket Small Size 1m x 1m 10% GST

Fire Blanket Small Size 1m x 1m 10% GST

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Fire Blanket Small Size 

Fire Blanket Large Size are an essential tool for smothering sources of ignition and small fires
Quickly smothers sources of ignition, small fires or burning clothing.

A fire blanket is a safety device designed to extinguish incipient (starting) fires. It consists of a sheet of fire retardant material placed over a fire to smother it.

Small fire blankets, such as for use in kitchens and around the home are usually made of glass fibre and sometimes Kevlar and are folded into a quick-release contraption for ease of storage.

Larger fire blankets, for use in laboratory and industrial situations, are often made of wool sometimes treated with a flame retardant chemical such as hexafluoro-zirconate and zirconium acetate. 

These blankets are usually mounted in a vertical quick-release container so that they can be easily pulled out and wrapped around a person whose clothes are on fire.

Fire blankets, along with fire extinguishers, are fire safety items that can be useful in case of a fire. 

These nonflammable materials are stable in temperatures up to 1300°C for Nextel ceramic fibres, 1200°C for glass fibres, Kevlar (480˚C), and wool (570˚C). 

These are useful in smothering fires by not allowing any oxygen to the fire. Due to its simplicity, a fire blanket may be more helpful for someone inexperienced with fire extinguishers.

Need training

All training is delivered on behalf of Allen's Training RTO 90909
PUAFER005 Operate as part of an emergency control organisation

This course has been designed for individuals who are required to implement an emergency response as specified in the facility emergency procedures or specified by a person at a higher level in the emergency control organisation (ECO).  Individuals who undertake this work will be working within the command, control and coordinate structure of the ECO.  It includes undertaking pre-emergency planning, taking appropriate actions in an emergency and assisting with post-emergency activities.  It applies to members of an ECO who are floor or area wardens and/or wardens or deputy wardens. 

The course has been developed to cover a broad range of emergencies and facilities as considered in Australian Standard 3745 and Australian Standard 4083.   It applies to employees in the workplace within all industries and in all contexts.

Participants in this course will learn how to effectively:

  • Apply Work, Health and Safety (WHS)/Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) requirements
  • Assist occupants who may require assistance
  • Assist with post-emergency response activities
  • Comply with legislation, industry standards, codes of practice and regulations
  • Contribute to facility emergency planning
  • Give clear directions to occupants and visitors
  • Implement safe work practices
  • Initiate and control initial emergency response
  • Respond to emergency signals and warnings
  • Take on a leadership role within emergency control organisation and/or a deputy role for other emergency control organisation positions
  • Undertake pre-emergency planning
  • Use communications systems
  • Wear required emergency control organisation identification


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