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LifePak CR Plus Semi-Automatic AED 10% GST

LifePak CR Plus Semi-Automatic AED 10% GST

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LifePak CR Plus Semi-Automatic AED 
Includes 1 pair QUIK-PAK™ defibrillation electrodes
Also includes operating instructions, orientation video, 1 carrying case, 1
spare pair QUIK-PAK defibrillation electrodes,
Ambu® Res-Cue Mask™
First Responder kit, AED program implementation starter kit, accessories
catalogue, and 8-year warranty.

The True Cost of Owning an AED Machine
It’s easy to look at the upfront cost of an automated external defibrillator and be discouraged, but if you break it down in terms of annual cost of ownership, the price is actually pretty reasonable in most cases.

One comprehensive review of AED cost-effectiveness found that the true cost of owning a defibrillator is about $200 per year. The researchers estimated this number based on the average cost of a new AED ($2,000) divided by the average expected lifespan of the device (10 years).

To ensure the lowest cost of ownership, look at the type of warranty that’s offered. Many manufacturers offer an 8 year warranty, thus guaranteeing close to a decade of dependable use before a replacement device is required. For example, the popular HeartSine 350P is available for as low as $1,295 and comes with an 8-year warranty.

So if we break down the AED cost annually, it comes to just $162.89 per year to have life-saving assistance at your fingertips. Considering that a standard Netflix account costs $156 per year, it’s a small price to pay for such an invaluable piece of equipment—especially if you live with a high-risk individual or operate a business or organization where emergencies might occur. The cost is especially impressive when you consider that the production, R&D, and FDA investments may have cost the company close to a billion dollars.

So next time you’re wondering if a new AED machine is worth the cost, consider the immense benefits and the long-term cost of ownership. The peace of mind alone is worth more than the dollar amount.


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