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Nasal Cannula with Tubing 2.1m – Adult (GST FREE)

Nasal Cannula with Tubing 2.1m – Adult (GST FREE)

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Nasal Cannula with Tubing 2.1m – Adult  offers a range of advanced resuscitation and oxygen therapy equipment for first response situations and safe application of essential CPR.
A nasal cannula or an oral–nasal cannula consists of a flexible tube, usually with multiple short, open-ended branches for comfortable insertion into the nostrils and/or mouth and may be used for the delivery of a gas (such as pure oxygen), a gas mixture (as, for example, during oxygen therapy , or to measure airflow into and out of the nose 

Oxygen Therapy Regulator is a reliable oxygen therapy delivery device. It offers a Heavy Duty and compact design allowing it to be used in most therapy applications. Full Brass body make this regulator a durable and reliable solution to any environment where oxygen therapy is needed.

Full brass body and internals
Barb outlet
11 therapy flow settings
Weighs approximately 700g


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