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Peak Flow Meter Adult is part of the AERODIAGNOSTIC range offers a selection of commonly used diagnostic supplies in the healthcare industry.
Peak Flow Meters
These devices are required for monitoring patients suffering from respiratory disease or discomfort, to measure oxygen flow rate.

Peak flow readings are higher when patients are well and lower when the airways are constricted. Patients and doctors may determine lung functionality, the severity of asthma symptoms, and treatment from changes in recorded values.
Measurement of PEFR requires training to use a meter correctly, and the normal expected value depends on the patient's sex, age, and height. It is classically reduced in obstructive lung disorders such as asthma.
Due to the wide range of 'normal' values and the high degree of variability. However, it can be useful in some circumstances.
A small portion of people with asthma may benefit from regular peak flow monitoring. When monitoring is recommended, it is usually done in addition to reviewing asthma symptoms and frequency of reliever medication use.
When peak flow is being monitored regularly, the results may be recorded on a peak flow chart.
It is important to use the same peak flow meter every time.


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