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The My MDI Space Chamber Slim Disposable Cardboard Spacer fits most standard puffers and is designed for single patient use for up to 7 days.
It comes in a resealable bag ideal for travel and is Australian made.

Further information  National Asthma Council

Spacers help the medication get straight to where it’s needed in your lungs, with less medication ending up in your mouth and throat where it can lead to irritation or mild infections. A spacer can also make it easier to coordinate breathing in and pressing your puffer.

Spacers should be used by:

  • all children – kids aged under 4–5 years will need a mask attached
  • all adults taking a corticosteroid preventer medication (e.g. FlixotideSymbicort) using an MDI/puffer
  • adults who have trouble coordinating the ‘press and breathe’ technique when using an MDI/puffer
  • anyone taking a reliever medication (e.g. Ventolin) during an asthma attack.

Why not use a nebuliser?

All the latest research shows that a puffer with spacer works just as well as a nebuliser for treating asthma symptoms, including during an asthma attack. A puffer with spacer is also simpler, cheaper and handier, is much more portable, and has fewer side-effects.

Choosing a spacer

There are many different brands and sizes of spacers available. Ask your pharmacist, nurse or asthma educator about which spacer might be best for you or your child. Look for one that you can put together easily and that will be convenient for everyday use.

Tips for using your spacer

  • Fire only one puff into your spacer at a time
  • Breathe in from your spacer as soon as you've fired a puff into it – the medication settles on the bottom very quickly
  • For each puff, you can either:
    *  take one big breath in - breathe in slowly, deeply and fully and hold breath for about 5 seconds (recommended) OR 
    *  breathe in and out normally for 4 breaths (tidal breathing) if you are unable to take one big breath in.


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