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Plastic Spine Board Stretcher 184 cm x 45 cm x 6 cm 10% GST

Plastic Spine Board Stretcher 10% GST

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Plastic Spine Board Stretcher  184 x 45 x 6cm
AERO Healthcare offers a range of lightweight and high strength aluminium stretchers. These are available in a range of sizes and fold in different ways for convenient storage.
Weight limit 135kg
Spine board Stretchers facilitate transfer and extrication of patients from vehicles and confined spaces.

Further information 

spinal board, is a patient handling device used primarily in pre-hospital trauma care. It is designed to provide rigid support during the movement of a person with suspected spinal or limb injuries. They are most commonly used by ambulance staff, lifeguards, and ski patrollers. 

Historically, backboards were also used in an attempt to "improve the posture" of young people, especially girls.
Due to a lack of evidence to support long-term use, the practice of keeping people on longboards for prolonged periods is decreasing.

A spinal board is primarily indicated for reasonable use to transport people who may have had a spinal injury, usually due to the mechanism of injury, and the attending team cannot rule out a spinal injury. The person should be transferred from the board to a hospital bed as soon as possible. For comfort and safety reasons, it is recommended to transfer the person to a vacuum mattress instead, in which case a scoop stretcher or long spine board is just used for the transfer.

Despite its history of use, there is no evidence that backboards immobilize the spine or improve the person's outcomes. Additionally, cervical spine motion restriction has been shown to increase mortality in people with penetrating trauma and can cause pain, agitation, respiratory compromise, and can lead to the development of bedsores.


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